Combat breast cancer with fitness

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Using the beauty of nature combined with all the right substances can be the lift you need to tackle breast cancer or help you through the post-breast cancer stage. Staying active is something we need in our day to day lives for us to remain fit and healthy with a clear mindset, it keeps us positive and emotionally intact. So, we stand up to breast cancer, well any form of cancer for that matter and we do the things that our body requires and the things that we love most. If that is sports and keeping fit, then this blog will outline some of the ways physical activities can support you through your journey.

The importance of staying active

Keeping that heart rate up and the body moving is the vital requirement your body needs when facing chemo treatment. Help your body while it helps you:

  • The high intensity activities may reduce some treatment effects, getting rid of unwanted weight gain, lymphoma, osteoporosis and learning to adapt to feeling fatigued by having the motivation to get up and go!
  • Your future health decide your future, staying fit and healthy in the long run. Using the exercise motivation from the cancer to brighten your future and help prevent any return of illness in the coming years ahead.
  • Exercise helping your mindset, when you exercise your brain releases chemicals called endorphins that stimulate you to help you feel good about yourself, relaxed and most of all happy in general. This is key to overcoming a disturbing time for yourself and others.
  • Treatment may see you lose your body figure as you once knew it, so if you were quite a toned individual before the treatment, you may have lost muscle tone, therefore, it’s important to get yourself back in the gym and get feeling you again!

Exercise ideas

So, everyone’s different and that means each person has their preferred exercise routine. Not to fear, we have listed the best activities for getting yourself active again following cancer treatment or sometimes even during. It’s important to find a routine that is comfortable to you and your state of mind also the treatment that you’ve been taking. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Weights
  • Long Walks
  • General housework
  • Dancing

Sometimes it’s better to have a range of different activities when treating acne scars , so you aren’t being bored with the same one and you can stay open-minded. So, feel free to try any of these, do whatever suits you best and the one you can really motivate yourself for. Remember to push yourself but only within your own boundaries as this is all designed to help you in your rehabilitation process. You could also do these activities with others as this can be a great form of motivation, as you can rely on each other to get off the sofa and push yourselves to take on these activities together.…

Hypnotherapy and its Effectiveness


Hypnosis has long been part of many alternative medical treatments for a few good reasons that mostly involve the easy of it compare to invasive treatments that usually involve drugs and other “invasive” methods. The initial use of hypnosis was one of novelty but was quickly turned into treatment as people figured the altered mental state of the patient was conductive to beneficial suggestions. People figured and noticed that those who underwent some form of hypnosis were calmer and more likely to follow orders instructed upon them. This would lead to the many attempts to cure different mental ailments like anxiety and depression through hypnosis.

Modern Medical Science As Deemed It As An Alternative Medicine

With the advent of modern medical science, hypnosis was relegated to the status of alternative medicine as the data gathered from different tests conducted to ascertain its effectiveness was non-supportive and outright condemning. Nonetheless though, the practitioners of hypnosis would carry on and continue its development from outside any respected medical institution. The more raw data that has been gathered has suggested the use of hypnosis to be possible in certain aspects like invasive surgeries and pain management but has little to no effect in treatments of psychological disorders.

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PTSD and hypnosis as recently been explored. PTSD is a disorder where a series of different symptoms stem from the exposure of someone to a traumatic event or many different events. PTSD is most prominently featured in soldiers and survivors of war. Hypnotherapy is proven to be effective in treating it. There are many ways hypnotherapy can be administered to a PTSD sufferer; it all depends on who is administering the procedure and how severe the individual patient’s case is.

hypnosisThe general procedure involved in also all PTSD hypnosis therapy involves having to relive the traumatic experience in a safe environment (the subject’s mind) over and over again at a pace the patient is comfortable with while surrounded by professional psychologists. The effectiveness of this method is yet to be determined but there are people who have undergone the treatment and vouched for its effectiveness.

Another disease being billed as curable by the supporters of hypnotherapy are the many phobias the have been diagnosed by medicine today. The treatment for phobia follows like the one for PTSD and is centered on facing said phobia or situation in a safe environment that is conductive to trigging the initiation of the acne treatment products healing process.

We can also count sleep disorders, anxiety and depression on the list of disorders that practitioners of hypnotherapy as treatable by their programs and different techniques. Suggestion can have very powerful effects on our mind and hypnotherapy proponents claim that through suggestion while under the state of hypnosis, we are able to tap into previously unknown and untapped parts of our brains.

Although the evidence is small for hypnotherapy, there is a vocal group of people that stand in support of it even against mounting medical literature and findings that say otherwise. The truth is yet to be understood but it definitely is being sought.…

Easy Monitoring of Your Heart Rate With Heart Rate Belts

Heart rate belts are heart monitoring devices that allow a user to get a real time measurement of their heart rate. Heart rate belts are popular among active and health-conscious people. A HR belt is a chest strap worn on the chest. This belt works in tandem with a receiver. The chest strap is fitted with a transmitter that sends real time data on the user’s HR to the receiver. The receiver is designed to be worn on the wrist and can double as a watch. New technologies in the telecommunications industry now allow for mobile phones to become receivers. This will now allow users to share their fitness information with others.

The transmitter device in the chest belt is able to count the number of times the individual’s heart beats per minute. The transmitter does this by checking for electrical current across the heart by way of electrodes that are in contact with the skin at the chest — treatment for cystic acne

After recording a heartbeat, the chest transmitter transmits a signal by radio or Bluetooth to the receiver. The receiving device then displays the rate at which the heart is beating. The signals sent are coded in newer models to prevent mixing up of data with similar nearby apparatuses.

The first ever wireless electrocardiograph (EKG) HR belt monitoring systems came out in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. They were designed as training support for athletes. The first schematics are still quite the same to today’s models, except for a couple of technological advances. It consisted of an electronic transmitter and a matching receiver. The transmitter was attached to the chest area by either the elastic electrode belt or through disposable electrodes. The receiver, on the other hand, was a monitoring device made to be worn as a wristwatch for the convenience of the user.

Modern receiver units have data transfer abilities.

Among other new and exciting features include the total calories burned during exercising and average heart beat over a specified period. Data transfer makes it possible to download heart rate information onto a computer, allowing for better and easier monitoring and sharing over the Internet.

Many users over the years have claimed that HR belts are the most accurate of heart monitors. This is because of their strategic placement which is very near the heart, ensuring very accurate readings. It is worn right on the chest just below the bust line. Many fitness equipment companies recognize this and continue to design their products such as treadmills and others to adapt and work with the chest strap.

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Being an electronic device, the HR chest belt is easily affected by electrical appliances, devices, and equipment such as television sets and computers if one gets too close. Electromagnetic radiation coming from motorized machines interferes with and disturbs in the process. Also, older and lower end models are susceptible to disturbances from other heart rate belts within a 3 feet (1 meter) radius.

Heart rate belts are made of either textile or elastic materials and special traction straps. Recently, a company introduced a garment for women that work very similarly to the heart rate belt. They assimilated sensors into the garment for detecting heartbeats. It then sends these to a receiver that is also worn at the wrist.

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Top tips to perfect your peach

A big main goal for many women at the gym, is to build a booty. Thanks to the Kardashians, booty workouts have become a priority, and the squat a work out favourite. This is a brief guide on how to achieve peach perfection. We also have a wide range of mens gym vests.

Weight lifting

We recommend two types of training to help build your glutes- compound weight-lifting and volume weight lifting. Compound weight-lifting exercises are exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and stiff leg deadlifts. These are best done working within a range of 3-6 reps.

Volume weight-lifting, involves lightening the weights but increasing the reps per set. Body weight exercises, resistance machines and cable exercises are ideal for these types of workout, working between 12-30 reps.

Working out in these two styles will ensure all muscle groups are being worked, as your glutes are made of both low and fast twitch muscle groups. The heavier compound exercises work best to build your fast twitch muscles, while your low twitch muscle fibres require volume and overload working to adapt. Be sure that the volume exercises are simple to do for the frequencies you’ll be working to.

To continue your progress, try to switch up your weights every 2-4 weeks, with small increases. This will help with the continued muscle growth.

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The number one booty builder exercise- the squat. Not only is it the key ingredient to creating a peach, it’s also a great movement for flexibility, athleticism, and quads.

A great way to start your leg workout is with good old-fashioned bodyweight squats, below parallel. They are the perfect exercise to get you to use the right muscles, as squats are all about focus and form. Try to concentrate on your form throughout your exercises, to get that mind-muscle connection.

Once you’ve mastered the squat and your squat form, you can progress to add more stress to your glutes to build them up, by squatting with a barbell, a dumbbell or a kettle bell. This will maximise resistance,  but remember to keep your form throughout. — acne scar laser treatment


Single-Leg Squats

For a real challenge, we recommend trying single-leg squats. This exercise manoeuvre will require a lot of balance, so you will most likely be using muscle fibres you rarely use to maintain such balance.

As one of the most challenging forms of squat, they are often over looked, but when practiced, they can be the most effective lower-body workout. The key word however is practice, as most people cannot do this move straight away. To practise performing a single-leg squat, you could hold a weight in front of you for counterbalance, even using a wall for support.


Sumo Squats

Sumo squats, or split squats, are a great form of squat for creating a bubble butt shape. As the name suggests, this squat form looks a lot like a sumo stance. Standing with your feet apart pointed outwards, squat down as low as you can before pushing up through your heels.

Shifting your weight to your heel as opposed to the ball of your foot, will help to move your centre of balance a little to the back, better activating your glutes. This rule can be applied to most squat manoeuvres.


Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are a great exercise for restoring balance in your glute muscles. Most of us spend a lot of time sat down on a daily basis, which can in fact cause our glute muscles to weaken. Because of this we tend to rely more on our quads and hamstrings in exercises. Performing this solely glute exercise, focusing on muscle imbalance, can prevent injury.

To perform the perfect glute bridge, lie down face up with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor in front of you, with your arms flat at your sides, palms down. Next, squeeze your glutes as you raise your pelvis off the floor, this should be high enough to create a straight line between your knees, hips, and shoulders.

Keep your glutes squeezed tight and your abs drawn in throughout, so you don’t over extend your back. The power should all come from the hips in this exercise, so make sure you’re not pushing from your heels. Once you are comfortable with this move and need a challenge, put a weight plate or loaded barbell on your hips to add resistance.

Don’t forget hamstrings

Hamstrings have three dominate muscles, all attached to various points near the glutes. Working these muscles is important in the process of shaping and toning your peach. One heavy hamstring session a week should be enough. Straight deadlifts, back extensions, and good mornings can all help to adapt and shape these muscles.

Time your rests

Rests can also have an impact when trying to develop your booty. We are all guilty of checking our phones between sets and resting a little too long, but try to keep your rests down to 1 minute maximum. Having a long rest period when doing glute-specific exercises, will not overload the muscle.

Your muscles won’t lift and will become firmer, if your workout does not create muscle overload. During you last few sets you should be struggling to complete your rep target. This is also known as completing to failure.…

What Foods Are Good For Your Heart

To live a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you complement exercise with a healthy and well balanced diet. You need to take food that is heart-friendly. The world is suffering from several illnesses and one of the killers today is heart associated diseases. Patients with heart problems and high blood pressure are growing in number. One main reason why this number is going up is not eating smartly. To reduce the risk of heart associated diseases and circulatory problems, you need to start changing your diet and eating healthy foods.

To help you towards your healthy lifestyle journey, here are some tips you can follow to help balance your diet:

  • Choose your meat wisely. You have to learn the art of choosing the leanest meat possible. Choose the leanest cut meat (pork: loin chops and tenderloin), and make sure that your poultry products are trimmed and skinless. When preparing your meal, it is recommended that you do not use saturated fats or trans fats. You also need to remove any visible fat on your meat before cooking. If you are having poultry products, it is best you consume the white meat, and you may stick to chicken or turkey meat. Other poultry meats like goose and ducks have higher cholesterol content. Organ meats are very delicious, but you may need to keep away from these as they have high cholesterol content. When preparing your food, you might want to restrict your cooking method to grilling, broiling, or baking.

  • You may want to stock your fridge with seafood, which you need to take at least twice per week. Fish meat is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart related diseases. Fish meat has low saturated fat content, which is still true to fatty fish. It is also recommended that you choose wild seafood over the farm grown seafood. And you may also want to drop preparing breaded fish and stick to the usual boiling, grilling, and baking for clean and clear acne spot treatment
  • Dairy products with 2% or zero fat. It is best for your heart if you restrict yourself from consuming whole or 2% fat dairy products. Make a slow transition from whole-fat or 2% fat dairy product to lower fat, or zero fat milk products. When preparing your cheesy meal, it is best that you use skim milk products such as ricotta, mozzarellas, and other low-fat or fat-free dairy products.
  • Decrease your consumption of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Decreasing your consumption of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils means decreasing your consumption of trans fat. You may use liquid vegetable oil instead of shortening. Use heart-friendly soft margarine substitutes instead of butter. And when buying cakes, crackers, cookies, muffins, pies, and French fries, do check the label and check if it contains saturated fats. If the product you are buying has saturated fat, you may have to find an alternative product.
  • Cut your cholesterol intake. your daily dose of cholesterol should not go beyond 300mg. Ranch chicken eggs should be in your basket over other varieties.
  • Cut down your sodium. Cutting your sodium consumption reduces the risk of heart problems and stroke. Too much salt on your food increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. You should limit your salt consumption to 2300 a day. When preparing food, you can replace your table salt with natural herb seasoning or salt-free seasoning. And you can add chili peppers and citrus fruit on your healthy meal to add more flavors to your meal.

  • Eat fiber-rich foods. Fiber-rich foods help lower your blood cholesterol content. High fiber food intake would also lower your risk of developing diabetes and colon/rectal cancers. On a daily basis, you should take 24-35 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet. Foods that are rich with fiber are oat bran, oatmeal, peas, beans, barley, rice bran, peeled apples, berries, and citrus fruits. Insoluble fiber is present on whole wheat breads, bran products, cereals, turnips, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, apple skins, beets, and Brussels sprouts.

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Old habits die hard, thus saying goodbye to your usual eating habit may be difficult. However, if you want to start living a healthy life, you may want to start reading the label and opt for foods that are good for your heart. Your healthy lifestyle starts with the kind of food that goes in your mouth.…

Is Pregnancy During Heart Treatment Okay?

In today’s generation, all kinds of illness, sickness, disease came out rapidly. I don’t even know where did all of it originated. So let’s talk about heart failure. A person with a heart failure should not be stressed and you should not be exhausted.  No physical draining of yourself, natural acne treatment will be the best option for pregnant.

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Is being pregnant during you heart treatment is okay? I may say NO. why is that so? It is for the reason that it will be very risky for you and the baby. You may be caught by a heart attack while giving birth to your child. So the best advice is first, you have to let your heart be treated well and wait for the doctor’s advice.…

Supplements that are Essential for our Health

5 Essential Health Supplements

In an ideal world, nobody would be deficient of any nutrient and we will get the needed amount of vitamins and minerals that our body requires from the food that we eat every day. But we all know that this world is far from ideal and that we have grown so fond of unhealthy foods that we turn to vitamins and health supplements to fill in the gap in our nutrient needs.

But you shouldn’t just take supplements just because someone recommended it to you, you also have to consider diy acne treatment kind of nutrients that your body really needs . Among the many health supplements we have now, here are a few key nutrients that stand out among the rest.

These are 5 of the most essential supplements that will help bridge your nutritional gap. But before popping any of these supplements, make sure to check with your doctor first.


Iron is very important in keeping the energy levels. It also aids in the body’s thermoregulation and in maintaining a healthy immune system. Women are advised to take iron because they lose blood during their monthly period, which is why most women end being iron-deficient.  If you don’t produce enough iron in your body, you may have a slow production of red blood cells and this may lead to anemia.


Most people think that calcium is a supplement for older people, but that is not the case, especially with women since they start losing bone density as early as their twenties. If you are not a dairy person, then you might want to consider taking this supplement. Calcium is very important not only because it keeps our bones, muscles and teeth strong, but also because it keeps our nervous system function properly.

Vitamin D

Contrary to popular belief, the sun is actually not our primary source of Vitamin D. Fact is, the sun is actually just a precursor in the production of Vitamin D in our body. This nutrient is very much essential because it aids in the function of our immune system and it can also potentially protect us against diabetes and some forms of cancer. Vitamin D is also important because it is the key in the absorption of another important nutrient, calcium, which strengthens our bones.

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Probiotics is getting quite the hype right now, and for a great reason. Getting enough amount of the two major classes of probiotics, which are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, helps the flora that is in our gastrointestinal tract to stay healthy for a number of good reasons – to eliminate bad bacteria, to improve your digestion, to lessen bloating, to boost immunity, and to provide relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Dairy products like Yogurt and kefir are rich in probiotics so make sure to add those in your next grocery list.


If what you want is a daily dose of nutrients in just one pop, then you need to choose the right multivitamin that would do the trick. The best ones tackle the most common vitamin and minerals that women need like iron, calcium, vitamin B and folic acid for energy, immunity, strong bones, heart health and reproductive health.…