Author: Vivian P. Parrott

What Foods Are Good For Your Heart

To live a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you complement exercise with a healthy and well balanced diet. You need to take food that is heart-friendly. The world is suffering from several illnesses and one of the killers today is heart associated diseases. Patients with heart problems and high blood pressure are growing in number. One main reason why this number is going up is not eating smartly. To reduce the risk of heart associated diseases and circulatory problems, you need to start changing your diet and eating healthy foods.     To help you towards your healthy...

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Is Pregnancy During Heart Treatment Okay?

In today’s generation, all kinds of illness, sickness, disease came out rapidly. I don’t even know where did all of it originated. So let’s talk about heart failure. A person with a heart failure should not be stressed and you should not be exhausted.  No physical draining of yourself. [read the review on Supplements that are Essential for our Health] Is being pregnant during you heart treatment is okay? I may say NO. why is that so? It is for the reason that it will be very risky for you and the baby. You may be caught by a...

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Supplements that are Essential for our Health

5 Essential Health Supplements In an ideal world, nobody would be deficient of any nutrient and we will get the needed amount of vitamins and minerals that our body requires from the food that we eat every day. But we all know that this world is far from ideal and that we have grown so fond of unhealthy foods that we turn to vitamins and health supplements to fill in the gap in our nutrient needs. But you shouldn’t just take supplements just because someone recommended it to you, you also have to consider the kind of nutrients that...

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