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Combat breast cancer with fitness

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Using the beauty of nature combined with all the right substances can be the lift you need to tackle breast cancer or help you through the post-breast cancer stage. Staying active is something we need in our day to day lives for us to remain fit and healthy with a clear mindset, it keeps us positive and emotionally intact. So, we stand up to breast cancer, well any form of cancer for that matter and we do the things that our body requires and the things that we love most. If that is sports and keeping fit, then this blog will outline some of the ways physical activities can support you through your journey.

The importance of staying active

Keeping that heart rate up and the body moving is the vital requirement your body needs when facing chemo treatment. Help your body while it helps you:

  • The high intensity activities may reduce some treatment effects, getting rid of unwanted weight gain, lymphoma, osteoporosis and learning to adapt to feeling fatigued by having the motivation to get up and go!
  • Your future health decide your future, staying fit and healthy in the long run. Using the exercise motivation from the cancer to brighten your future and help prevent any return of illness in the coming years ahead.
  • Exercise helping your mindset, when you exercise your brain releases chemicals called endorphins that stimulate you to help you feel good about yourself, relaxed and most of all happy in general. This is key to overcoming a disturbing time for yourself and others.
  • Treatment may see you lose your body figure as you once knew it, so if you were quite a toned individual before the treatment, you may have lost muscle tone, therefore, it’s important to get yourself back in the gym and get feeling you again!

Exercise ideas

So, everyone’s different and that means each person has their preferred exercise routine. Not to fear, we have listed the best activities for getting yourself active again following cancer treatment or sometimes even during. It’s important to find a routine that is comfortable to you and your state of mind also the treatment that you’ve been taking. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Weights
  • Long Walks
  • General housework
  • Dancing

Sometimes it’s better to have a range of different activities when treating acne scars , so you aren’t being bored with the same one and you can stay open-minded. So, feel free to try any of these, do whatever suits you best and the one you can really motivate yourself for. Remember to push yourself but only within your own boundaries as this is all designed to help you in your rehabilitation process. You could also do these activities with others as this can be a great form of motivation, as you can rely on each other to get off the sofa and push yourselves to take on these activities together.

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