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Hypnotherapy and its Effectiveness


Hypnosis has long been part of many alternative medical treatments for a few good reasons that mostly involve the easy of it compare to invasive treatments that usually involve drugs and other “invasive” methods. The initial use of hypnosis was one of novelty but was quickly turned into treatment as people figured the altered mental state of the patient was conductive to beneficial suggestions. People figured and noticed that those who underwent some form of hypnosis were calmer and more likely to follow orders instructed upon them. This would lead to the many attempts to cure different mental ailments like anxiety and depression through hypnosis.

Modern Medical Science As Deemed It As An Alternative Medicine

With the advent of modern medical science, hypnosis was relegated to the status of alternative medicine as the data gathered from different tests conducted to ascertain its effectiveness was non-supportive and outright condemning. Nonetheless though, the practitioners of hypnosis would carry on and continue its development from outside any respected medical institution. The more raw data that has been gathered has suggested the use of hypnosis to be possible in certain aspects like invasive surgeries and pain management but has little to no effect in treatments of psychological disorders.

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PTSD and hypnosis as recently been explored. PTSD is a disorder where a series of different symptoms stem from the exposure of someone to a traumatic event or many different events. PTSD is most prominently featured in soldiers and survivors of war. Hypnotherapy is proven to be effective in treating it. There are many ways hypnotherapy can be administered to a PTSD sufferer; it all depends on who is administering the procedure and how severe the individual patient’s case is.

hypnosisThe general procedure involved in also all PTSD hypnosis therapy involves having to relive the traumatic experience in a safe environment (the subject’s mind) over and over again at a pace the patient is comfortable with while surrounded by professional psychologists. The effectiveness of this method is yet to be determined but there are people who have undergone the treatment and vouched for its effectiveness.

Another disease being billed as curable by the supporters of hypnotherapy are the many phobias the have been diagnosed by medicine today. The treatment for phobia follows like the one for PTSD and is centered on facing said phobia or situation in a safe environment that is conductive to trigging the initiation of the acne treatment products healing process.

We can also count sleep disorders, anxiety and depression on the list of disorders that practitioners of hypnotherapy as treatable by their programs and different techniques. Suggestion can have very powerful effects on our mind and hypnotherapy proponents claim that through suggestion while under the state of hypnosis, we are able to tap into previously unknown and untapped parts of our brains.

Although the evidence is small for hypnotherapy, there is a vocal group of people that stand in support of it even against mounting medical literature and findings that say otherwise. The truth is yet to be understood but it definitely is being sought.

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